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Thinking Beyond Savings:
Planning Strategically
to Retire Confidently

Unsure whether you can retire or not? Will your money last?
Will you leave a legacy for your family or reach your future goals?
With a proper financial strategy, we can plan for that.

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Jon M. Gladstone, MSFS, CLU<sup>&#174;</sup>, CASL, AEP<sup>&#174;</sup>, ChSNC&#8482;, ChFC<sup>&#174;</sup>, CFP<sup>&#174; </sup>CFBS<sup>&#174;<br/></sup>

Jon M. Gladstone, MSFS, CLU®, CASL, AEP®, ChSNC™, ChFC®, CFP® CFBS®

Jon’s communication and analytical skills help him develop strategies uniquely tailored to your objectives. He began his financial services career in 1996 and has built a business model that delivers comprehensive financial plans that are tailored to yourunique situation and goals. He will guide you to understand the outcome of your current path while identifying any deficiencies, thus empowering your own decision making capabilities by providing insight into your personal position.

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Financial Planning for Individuals &#38; Families

Financial Planning for Individuals & Families

Through proper planning, we can implement a strategy to help you achieve your future financial goals. 

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Financial Strategies for Business Owners

Financial Strategies for Business Owners

From the boardroom down the employee, we can help ensure your business thrives for generations to come.

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Tax Planning<br/>Services

Tax Planning

While often overlooked, robust tax planning can be one of the most valuable pieces of a complete financial plan.

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How Does it Work?


We'll assess your financial situation—cash flow, investments, savings, and debt - and discuss all of your personal goals and objectives. To properly plan for the future, we need to understand your starting point and determine the direction.


With a clear view of your present and future goals, we will analyze the information gathered in the discovery step to identify areas of opportunity and construct tailored strategies to put you in the bset position to reach those goals.


Once we've outlined your goals and identified our recommended strategies, we will meet with you to present our findings and educate you on each strategy so that you can make an informed decision with confidence.

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<strong>Why I Do What I Do:</strong>

Why I Do What I Do:

An Insurance Policy Bought My Family Time To Be Together

Jon Gladstone of Norwalk, Conn., had a new family with two young children when his wife, Laura, learned she had a fatal illness. The life insurance policies the couple had purchased from trusted agents proved to be invaluable in helping the Gladstones cope with their personal tragedy.

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